Thursday, 26 May 2011

Did you know that Jews Like Hairy Chicken?

Originally published on 5/26/11, 7:10 pm.
I work for a Glatt Kosher Chinese Restaurant
As many of us Jews know, the laws of Kashrut make removing hairs from chicken difficult before soaking and salting. Therefore, most kosher chickens we get have many more hairs than do Treif Chickens
The conclusion of our Chinese Workers?

Jews must like hairy chickens! Why? Because that's what we buy FROM other Jews and that's what we sell TO other Jews EG when we sell chicken wings.
This conclusion is the logical perspective of the outsider. But it fails to understand that at most Jews might tolerate hair more, but we still prefer hairless chicken and still mostly detest the hair that's there!

Conclusion? Outsiders don't get it!

The Nimshal can often be applied to communal Minhaggim. EG Hungarians would "get" Hungarian Minhaggim, outsiders would not
For example, recently, a Rabbi described a Chossid wearing a bekesher AND his Tefillin on Hol Hamoed Pesach. At first I could not fathom it. Then he said the magic words "Oberlander"* then it all clicked together. But to those unfamiliar with Oberlanders, it would remain an enigmatic mystery


* Oberlanders come from a section of Hungary that remained steadfastly loyal to Minhag Ashkenaz as did the Yekkes. Many of them did become Hassidim but nevertheless refused to alter their Minhag Avot regarding Nusach, etc. They never abandoned Minhag Ashkenaz in favor of Nusach Arizal - though I'm told this is eroding in some communities.



Garnel Ironheart said...

This isn't the problem. It's when some people come around, look at people with different minhagim and call them inferior.
For example, Ashkenazim demanding Sephardim use Ashkenazi standards when shechting meat as has happened in Israel recently.

Rabbi R Wolpoe said...

Mutual Respect for Minhaggim seems a worthy ideal simlar to the missing mutual respect of R Akiva's Talmiddim