Sunday, 8 May 2011

naomi's question of the day - #1

"naomi's question of the day" is a new feature of the Nishmablog featuring a question for you to ponder, extend and/or respond to through your comments. This is the inaugural post of this new series.


May 8, 2011

If one's financial situation is dire and thus, he/she feels financial despair -- does this indicate that this person's faith in God is weak?


Nishma said...

Not necessarily. For a super-ma’amin, perhaps.

For most people tragedies or difficulties are not to be dismissed so casually. See the Book of Iyyov; Iyyov did not engage in "Gam Zo l'Tovah" behaviour

However, it is fair to say, that such crises are designed to stimulate us to respond as follows-

• Cry out to Hashem in prayer
• Engage in introspection
• Engage in acts of Hessed

As per Unetaneh Toqef reflecting Tanna d'vei Eliyahu

When faced with a g'zeira ra'ah, Our programmed responses are

Teshuva - tzom - introspection
Tefillah - kol - crying out
Tzedakkah - mamon - or acts of kindness

The Rambam also decries seeing tragedy as "random events"

Some might see the good in any challenge; for most of us, it's a call to spiritual growth.

I hope this helps!


Garnel Ironheart said...

No, he might have perfect faith that God wants him to wind up living in the bowery district 10 km from shul thus forcing him to walk every Shabbos, thereby getting him in shape and saving him money for that gym membership he doesn't need and with the savings he buys the right mutual fund which, with its handsome returns, allows him to escape poverty and give money to Nishma.