Sunday, 15 May 2011

Results of Poll on: Proper Pathways to Personal Spirituality

In our last poll, we inquired:

New Poll: Proper Pathways to Personal Spiritualliy

What are the preferred parameters for enhancing one’s spirituality
and d’veiqut?

A. Anything above Halachic norms is a form of deviation and bal tosif. 
Be in the world and eschew spirituality in favour of simply observing the  
Halachah, and no more. Spend the excess of one’s energy having a life.

B. The more the merrier.  “Tie yellow ribbons around old oak trees” in 
addition to scarlet threads. If it makes you feel good about Hashem
go for it - unless it violates a definite halachah

C. The starting point is just to be m’daqdeiq in the Shulchan Aruch. 
Any extra energy, then, should be spent on learning Torah lishmah.

D. Do Jewish Meditation.  

E. It all depends upon the context of the times, the society, and, most 
practically, the individual. 
People should focus on their unique one characteristic, one be it  
Biqqur Holim, Singing,  Tz’daqah, Torah, etc. 
What's your choice?

Your Responses (total 1)

Choice A - 00% (0)
Choice B - 00% (0)
Choice C - 00% (0)
Choice D - 00% (0)
Choice E - 20% (1)

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