Thursday, 15 September 2011

Is it Frum vs. Fun or Frum AND Fun?

Torah im TV?

Does TV corrupt, or is it a Window on the World?

Does Modern Orthodoxy Not Believe in Fun? | Hirhurim – Torah Musings



Bob Miller said...

TV is not quite a window, because the content on TV is filtered through the social and political biases of the TV people. A large part of reality is not reported or explored on TV.

Insofar as it is a window, it's typically a window on the worst or most trivial aspects of the world.

Nishma said...

In regard to this general topic, I would direct you to the articles in our column "The Corner of Hollywood and Sinai" which attempts to deal with the interaction of Torah and movies. These articles can be accessed at the Nishma website under columns, Hollywood. The introductory articles in the Archives deal with the overall issue and not just a specific movie.

In a totally different vein, may I also direct you to my article "TV and the Orthodox Jew" available at
which deals with another problem with tv but may has some applicable voice in this discussion as well.

Rabbi Ben Hecht