Thursday, 1 September 2011

New Archaeology Resolve the Shelo Assani Ishah Broua-HaHa

News Flash!

The controversy re: shelo assani ishah has been resolved amicably and hopefully for evermore.

As a result of the numerous DIGS on the subject - the original correct nusach from anshei k'nesset hagdolah has been unearthed.

That nusach during the time of the Beit Hamikdash was:

"Shelo assnai ISHEH"

Unfortunately due to the Hurban and the many exiles and sufferings of Our People - later generations spawned 2 millenia of controversy by simply mis-pronouncing this brachah

Now that we know now that all we want is to avoid becoming an Isheh, Hashem sent us 10 inches of rain via the Mal'ach "IRENE" to put out the fire, thereby triggering our thanksgiving Baruch Hashem shelo asani ISHEH


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micha said...

The problem was that millions of martyrs have shaken from us the belief that anyone could have composed a berakhah thanking Hashem for not making us a qorban.