Tuesday, 28 March 2017

In Memory of: Dr Louis Feldman Z'l

From RRW
Guest Blogger
Rabbi Daniel Yolkut
For those who has not heard, Dr Louis Feldman, professor of classics at Yeshiva College for half a century, was niftar over the weekend.
Dr Feldman was a scholar, a mentch, an ענו and a ירא שמים, and while I was zoche to study with him in the 90s, I felt a connection to his many distinguished students starting in the 50s. The five courses I took with him were among the finest educational experiences of my life. 
יהא זכרו ברוך

Comment from RRW 
Dr. Feldman was from the South End of Hartford and was a "lantzman"‎ in a sense to me

He was a regular speaker at the Men's Club Breakfasts in my former Congregation Ohav Sholaum in Upper Manhattan.   He was a brilliant speaker on Classics, Jospehus, and History. He will be missed.

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