Sunday, 5 March 2017

When Lies Overruled Rights -

From RRW
There is a logical flaw or 2 here:

1. FDR incarcerated citizens including many born here in the USA. While Trump did not removed rights from any American citizens or valid residents.

2. FDR's order was executed readily. The Courts blocked Trump

3. FDR remained admired by the Left for many years after this action. While Trump was vilified immediately. Thus, we can readily see the "double standard" at work

4. Trumps order did not ban ALL Muslims - Rather it banned only those whose central governments were deemed "dysfunctional" so the idea of it being a "racial" profile seems to be yet another strawman.
5. Are we to believe that Korematsu would have been outraged by banning Japenese citizens from entering the USA after Pearl Harbor? So how is clamping down on "aliens" in the wake of 9/11 any different?

Nevertheless, the article makes an excellent case for abuse of power. And the lack of FDR's accountability makes for a good "double standard" test, IMHO

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