Thursday, 2 March 2017

Paskening Like the Blogs | Cross-Currents

From RRW
"To quote Rav Soloveitchik:
'The study of the Law, Korach argued, is an exoteric act, a democratic act, in which every intelligent person may engage. Moshe’s claim to being the exclusive legal authority, and the exclusive interpreter of the Law, Korach argued, was unfounded and unwarranted.

'The consequence of such a democratic philosophy is obvious. What Korach wanted, and what many want even now – and I’m not only speaking of dissident groups, I’m speaking of the Orthodox community – whether they speak it clearly or they use political terms and dubious language to cover it up, is that the instrument of the Torah be commonsensical for the everyday empirical intelligence, not the esoteric conceptual ideal logos, which can only be obtained through painstaking study and hard training.'

Torah was not composed to comply with American style democracy. In fact, science and engineering‎ would not readily comply with the "vox populi". Science, engineering, and law required certification to make an "official" judgment.... 

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