Monday, 27 March 2017

​Insects: What, and How to Check | Revivim

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Micha Berger said...

I visit my parents, and Ima shetichyeh is soaking and inpsecting the iceberg lettuce.

Me: Did you ever find a bug on iceberg lettuce?

Ima: No.

Me: So why do you keep on checking?

Ima: Well, I don't if it's just for me. But I can't serve people who expect that all the lettuce would be checked without actually checking it.

A number of vegetables are like that. People aren't finding bugs on many/most kind of vegetables, which should be enough to prove lehalakhah you don't need to bother. But they're still doing it, because that's what you're expected to do.

I have found more winged bugs in Alei Katif hydroponic lettuce than bugs in many of the things my neighbors bother checking. (If you buy Alei Katif, do it because the evacuees of Gush Katif could use the money. But in reality, they need checking no less than any other Romaine.)

Caveat: You can't generalize between countries and different norms about insecticides as to what actually does pose a risk.