Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Sources on Tzedakah

From RRW
Some Sources on Tzedakah from R Gil Student

You might find interesting R. Menachem Kasdan's Yesodei Tzedakah, which I reviewed here:

The son-in-law of the author of Piskei Teshuvos recently published a similar sefer on sections of Yoreh Deah, including the laws of tzedakah. I believe the book is titled Pesakim U-Teshuvos.

R. Chaim Kanievsky's Derech Emunah is a Mishnah Berurah-style commentary on Rambam's Hilchos Matnos Aniyim.

Note from RBH
In presenting any list of material on Tzedakah, we should not forget 
Beyond Tzedakah: Understanding the Torah Expenditure
from Nishma Journal 

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