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Leon Trotsky: On the Jewish Problem

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Leon Trotsky: On the Jewish Problem (1937-40)

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Trotsky Backs Jewish Homeland in Planned Society; Hits Soviet Policy | Jewish Telegraphic Agency

Here is reported an idea of a shift in Trotsky's thinking, not mentioned in the first article. 
Something like the naive, idealist Trotsky saw the resolution of persecution with the advent of a New World-Wide Socialist Order

But with the advent of Nazism, Trotsky realize that perhaps SOME territory was needed to protect Jews somewhere. Zionism was still rejected.

Trotsky was one of the first to speak out on the Nazi Menace in general. Otherwise, his ideals are not so‎ in sync with Classical Judaism. Nevertheless, he did bave a keen eye for some of the PROBLEMS faced by Jews - even if his proposed RESOLUTIONS were off- base.

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MIDEAST TENSIONS; Israeli Police Move to Pre-empt Strife on Both Sides
By SABRA CHARTRAND, Special to The New York Times
Published: November 10, 1990
Three members of Rabbi Kahane's Jewish extremist movement, Kach, were questioned today on suspicion of involvement in the killing of two West Bank Palestinians the morning after the rabbi was slain. The two elderly Arabs were gunned down in the village of Luban al Sharqiya, not far from a Jewish settlement where Kach members live.
Two of the suspects, David Cohen and David Axelrod, were released on bail after turning over their guns. Nearly all Jewish settlers carry automatic rifles. Mr. Axelrod, an immigrant from the Soviet Union, is Leon Trotsky's great-grandson.