Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The Little Known Chanukah M’gillah

«... whilst Chanukah without its M'gillah is not only possible but taken for granted. Yet there is actually a M'gillah for the festival.

Known variously as M'gillat Antiochus ("The Scroll of Antiochus"), M'gillat Beit Chashmona'i(m) ("The Scroll of the House of the Hasmoneans") and M'gillah Y'vanit ("The Greek Scroll"), it is a post-Biblical compilation in 76 verses, originally in Aramaic, in deliberate imitation of the style of the Scroll of Esther...»

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Phillip said...

What's little known about it?

It's in the Birnbaum Siddur and thus practically every orthodox (and even conservative) Jew for decades is familiar with it! (Except for the few haredim who didn't use Birnbaum)