Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Tandems: Orah v'Simchah, and a Hanukkah Thought

Some terms and expressions seem to come together in tandem

D'risha vaChakira
Kosher v'Samei'ach
Hazzaq uVaruch

One such tandem that intrigues me is "Orah v'Simchah"

This seems to be the most celebrated in the Shabbat Zemer "Yom Zeh l"Yisra'el" where the refrain has Orah vSimchah, [twice when using the Yekke melody!]

Orah and Simchah go so nicely together on Hanukkah. As our Orah increases, so does our Simchah.

On Purim - Layhudim hay'tah Orah v'Simcha - that says it all. Also said at Havdalah, too

On Kol Nidre night - OR zaru'a latzaddik, ulyishrei leiv SIMCHAH, Also said at Kabbalat Shabbat, too!

There is even a concept when lighting Shabbat Candles at Hotels for example, that the More Light the Merrier! And this s'vara allows women to make a b'rachah even where there are already many "Shabbos Lichts"

My inquiry is, just how ubiquitous is this theme of Orah v'Simchah in our classic Literature and Liturgy?

By Literature - Tananch, Talmud, Midrash

By Liturgy - Siddur, Machzor, Piyyutim etc.


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