Thursday, 29 December 2011

True Science Cannot Contradict True Torah

Since we affirm that True Science is made by Our Creator and so is True Torah, therefore they can never collide.

However, there CAN be popular misperceptions in either realm that DO present apparent contradictions.

What to do when we detect a conflict? I say dig deeper. Maybe science has still not firmed up its hypotheses; it's also possible [in my way of thinking] that misunderstandings have crept into our M'sorah over time. But the pristine, pure Torah, would never, could never, present a contradiction to True Science.

I perceive that R Micha Berger is pointing in the same direction in this piece on his Blog.


«For similar reasons, these science vs Bereishis questions don't really bother me. Each "theory" works so well so consistently in their own domains, I presume that some resolution will someday be found. I can live until then with the open questions.»

When a Paradox is not a Disproof | Aspaqlaria


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Garnel Ironheart said...

If pure Torah and pure science don't contradict each other, there are lots of "gedolim" whose Torah is pretty impure.