Thursday, 15 December 2011

Matisyahu Shaves

It even made CNN: Matisyahu, the Chassidic Reggae Superstar shaves.

The question I was wondering was: why.

Was it a statement that he was no longer going to be an Orthodox Jew or was it a statement of transformation within Orthodoxy? From the first photo I saw, I could not tell. In the second one I saw, though, it was clear that he was wearing a kippa. It seems from the interview that he did on WNYC, that he is still religious; see

So the question then becomes: what does this transformation say about his Orthodoxy? There was actually much in this interview that made me wonder not only about his understanding of Orthodoxy but also as to how Torah was even presented to him. This action may truly reflect a positive development in his understanding. Still his statement about a beard representing the Chesed of Hashem being ludicrous made me think of all those who contend that it is ludicrous to believe that God cares about what someone eats. There just seems to be something more going on here then was presented in this interview. Perhaps, given the nature of the audience of this program, he could not really express his thoughts in a better manner. I am just left wondering, though, how he sees Torah and how, in fact, many see Torah.

Rabbi Ben Hecht

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