Sunday, 3 February 2013

Are Violent Video Games Corrupting Our Children?

Rav Eliyahu Safran

«New York - Murderous violence has been with us since the generation after Adam and Eve first trudged, ashamed and burdened, east of Eden, banished from the Garden because of their disobedience.  Through the ages, few things have defined us so much as our ability to visit horrific cruelty upon our fellows.  The ability to "mass murder" is anything but a new phenomenon.  Jews have a much too intimate knowledge of the horror and sadness that comes with the experience of the vicious slaughter of multiple numbers of innocents in a short period of time.

If technology has been consistent over the span of history, its greatest constancy has been is that it has always lurched forward in creating ever more efficient methods of killing.»

New York - Op-Ed: Violent Video Games The Slaughter Of Our Children --

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