Sunday, 17 February 2013

Watching Football With My Super Son - Rav Dovid Cohen

«... Football is a raw sport and it can stir genuine emotions.  In the wildcard round of this year's playoffs, Robert Griffin III ("RG3") the Redskins star rookie quarterback, also wearing a red uniform, went down with a terrible knee injury.  Yedidya immediately pointed to the screen and poignantly exclaimed "Daddy-Sick!"  He was genuinely pained by the spectacle of the player sprawled on the ground in obvious agony.  Yedidya isn't the most articulate child, but his purity of spirit and sensitivity puts him spot-on when it comes to feeling the pain of others.  Watching RG3 crumpled on the ground, his very articulate father could not have expressed the moment any more succinctly, meaningfully or compassionately. ...»

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