Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Yair Lapid: A Torah Analysis of His Challenge -- RBH Koshertube shiur

The excellent address by Yair Lapid to the charedi section of Kiryat Ona College has received must positive reaction. What many may not realize, though, is the unique Torah challenge that he is actually presenting. It is to this matter that I devoted my latest chabura shiur available on Koshertube at

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Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

I've spoken to a couple of Chareidi friends about this and their community is in a panic.
It was much easier when Tommy Lapid would froth at the mouth about "evil Chareidim" and they could play victim. But Yair is acknowledging them, their history and their needs while asking reasonable things from them in return. Now they can't play victim. No one is going to fall for it and they don't know what to do next to maintain the status quo without looking like spoiled brats.

David Willig said...

I have always felt that the Chatam Sofer's comment "Chadash assur min Hatorah" was meant as a bon mot, a witticism. I mentioned this theory to a talmid chacham in Tzfat who said not only am I correct, the Chatam Sofer said this in opposition to a proposed new chumra. I was told that the real stick in the mud was his son, the chatan sofer, not his father.
If you look at the audience, it is really not chareidi, it is more religious zionist. The real chareidim do not get into the job system, except in very small percentages.
The issue is church and state. Why should women wearing talit and tefilin affect you? The ghetto has been romanticized. The rich and the rabbi's children were protected and not taken to the czar's army. That has affected the chareidi attitude to the State and army service till this day.