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Mussar: Pray for Healing

From Derech Emet


Shulchan Aruch, Chelek Orach Chaim, Siman 230, Sif 4:

Before undergoing a medical procedure or before taking a medicine, say [this prayer]:

"May it be Your Will, HaShem my G-d, that this thing should be for me a healing, because you heal for free."

After a medical procedure or medicine, say [this thanks]:

"Blessed be the One Who heals the sick."

NOTE: In Hebrew is this: Baruch Rofeh Cholim.

The Ba'air Haitaiv commentary (S'if Katan 5) points out that even though a strictly literal reading of this Shulchan Aruch refers to an obsolete medical procedure known as blood-letting, the true intention of the text refers to any medical procedure or medicine.

The Mishnah Berurah commentary (S'if Katan 6) repeats the words of Ba'air Haitaiv and then teaches that you should not believe that the medicine is what really heals, but. instead you should believe that healing comes from G-d, and through this prayer we establish our trust in Him and request from Him that it [the medicine] should accomplish healing.

The Kaf HaChaim commentary (S'if Katan 18) points out that G-d heals for free, which is not true of human [doctors].


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