Monday, 11 February 2013

Baruch Dayan Ho'emet - RABBI DR. DAVID HARTMAN z"l

RIETS Class of 1954
Father of Dvorah, Tova, Rabbi Donniel, Adina and Ra'anan.

Rabbi David Hartman z"l founded Shalom Hartman Institute in 1971.

He is one of the Father's of Modern Orthodox programs in Israel. The influence of these programs on the Torah World goes beyond calculation. Both of our children were significantly transformed by their studying in Israel.

Ein Tzibbur Meit. Rav Hartman Z"L is gone, his work remains with us as a legacy. Y'hee Zichro Baruch.
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Rabbi Ben Hecht said...

Of course, Rabbi Hartman was a most controversial figure and there are many who would critique us for remembering in this manner. It is interesting to note that it was RIETS who sent out the original notice upon which this post was based. In the end, I believe that there is no doubt that Rabbi Hartman's intent was always l'shem Shomayim and it is in that vein that, even as we may disagree with some of this positions (even finding them outside the pale), it is important that we remember him l'zchut.

Rabbi Ben Hecht