Friday, 1 February 2013

Nahagu - does not always mean Minhag!

«This is an incorrect reading of the source you quote from Bet Yosef. The Bet Yosef writes the word that "Nahagu" not to count a woman. This usage of "nahagu" does not at all mean it's a 'minhag'! He just means that there was one minority opinion of Rabeinu Simcha that one can count one women in a time of need, but that the vast majority, including the more authoritative Rabeinu Tam, reject this. He concludes by saying: and so too the widespread PRACTICE is in accordance with R. Tam. The word "nahagu" here speaks to common HALACHIC practice, not to mere "minhag" in the sense that we use the term. It just means that, as in all areas of halacha, we rule by the vast majority opinion against a lone minority.»

Hirhurim - Torah Musings » Partnership Minyanim II


Similarly the primary use of Nahagu by Rema addresses which side of a Machoket has been picked.

This is a common mis-understanding of how to read M'chabbeir and Rema and leads to all kinds of flawed extrapolation

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