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Mussar: Hachna'ah

From Derech Emet...


Sefer Pele Yoetz, chapter Cniaah [submissiveness]:

The Kabalists have taught that the main thing that prayer being accepted depends on is a submissive attitude[hachnaah].

It once happened that a group of righteous Jews [tzaddikim] [got together and] prayed with amazing concentration [kavanah].

Later is was revealed to them from Heaven that the prayers they recited were [of] amazing [excellence], but [only] because they. did not have a submissive attitude, they were being prepared to
receive punishment, but they were saved because one of them had a submissive attitude, and through his merit they were all saved.

Those who are lowly of spirit [Nemuchai HaRuach] are great in the eyes of the Holy One Blessed Be He [literally, they are great before Him] and their prayers are not turned away empty-handed.

Pele Yoetz was completed by Rabbi Eliezer Papo (Sefardi Tahor) in Bulgaria on April 28, 1824; he lived from 1785 CE to 1826 CE.


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