Thursday, 3 March 2011

Blogging Goals

Having just been introduced to Twitter, I've come to realize there are several disparate goals when blogging.

1. To Share INSIGHTS. R Hecht and I have this common goal, to share insights into Torah and Jewish Life in General.

2. To stimulate deeper thinking. We are so conditioned to rote performance that at times we forget the NISHMA, the reflective aspect and the analytic aspect. RBH is focused more on the analytic side, I add the experiential reflective aspect to Nishma. EG How do we feel after sitting in the Sukkah or hearing the Megillah. We've done the naaseh, afterwords can be the NISHMA in wake of the performance.

3. To share our Stream of consciousness.. Hopefully when we "think Out loud" we are sharing our techniques of HOW to think! Otherwise we could wax boring. But sharing a good Shaqla v'tarya can help people to better solve problems.

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