Monday, 7 March 2011

Mishnah M'gilah 2:2 -Kavannah

It seems to me a pashut Hilluq.

When one is reading the M'gillah on Purim no special Kavvanah is required. Why not? Because the default presumption is one is fulfilling the mitzvah via action, therefore a lack of Kavvanah is NOT m'akkeiv.
However, when one is WRITING the M'gillah, the kavvanah is apparently not for the sake of HEARING the M'gillah - ergo a positive "kivvein libbo" is a must.
Same s'vara with mit'aseiq with Shofar.

Any action which is manifestly and obviously fulfilling a Mitzvah -presupposes intention
Any action that appears to be tangential to the Mitzvah would require a positive intention to fulfill one's obligation.

Miitzot tz'richot kavvanah? Yes and no. It depends on the context.


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