Sunday, 20 March 2011

Shu"t Purim - Hameitz on Purim

Originally published 3/20/11/7;03 pm.
Q: Rabbi Wolpoe - how do we know that we Jews behave "crazy" on Purim?

A: Because 30 days prior to Pesach - when we're supposed to begin ridding ourselves of excess Hameitz - we send massive amounts of Hameitz to everyone we know (including casual acquaintances) in a March Madness known as Mishloach Manot while engaging in a kol haMarbeh harei zeh Meshubach Manic Mindset
If we really had good humros -we would disallow any newly manufactured Hameitz and either gift no Hameitz before its time or at least rid ourselves of any pre-existing Hameitz instead of multiplying it anew. Not to mention, Haddash assur min hatorah!
Kein Nireh lefi Shikrut Daati

PS. (Mahadura t',inah).B"H. I have discovered that there is a wonderful minhag to consume copious amounts of liquid hameitz in the forms or beer and booze davqa 30 days before Pesach -
So never mind! :)


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Bob Miller said...

Since it's a mitzvah to consume or otherwise burn Chametz before Pesach, the Mishloach Manot avalanche is surely to provide us with a greater mitzvah opportunity.

Jewish women, in particular, are known to be so offended by Chametz as Pesach approaches that any chance of a Chametz escape must be minimal.