Saturday, 26 March 2011

Tanna d'vei Eliyau on Moshe, Castigation and Immortality

Originally published 3/26/11, 8:25 pm.
See Tanna d'vei Eliyahu, Shai Lamora edition, Ch. 4 pp. 36-41

1. While Mosheh Rabbenu did pray to save Israel from the evil of the Molten Calf, nevertheless, he did have 3,000 Israelites executed. So even when having great compassion, some Middat Haddin is exacted in order to appease "Justice." 100% Chessed would have backfired here when a massive deviation was committed
[Bottom of p. 39]
2. Moshe remained "vital" even in death. Lo noss leicho v'lo kahatah eino.
[Top of p. 40]
3. Every Talmid Hacham who occupies himself with Torah from youth through his old age and death, in truth, is not dead, but is rather alive forever.
Thus, it stands to reason that, any life-long Talmid Hacham is really alive all along and is capable of being -  a leader - at any time of Hashem's choosing.


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