Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Mishnah P'sachim 1:5 - Lachmei Todah

Originally published 3/22/11, 10:13 am.
Kehatti and RAV explain that
The Qorban Todah is not brought Erev Pesach due to the limited time to eat Hameitz.  Since 10 of the Lachmei Todah are Hameitz, and they may only be eaten until the 5th hour, therefore one may not offer a Todah Erev Pesach.

If 30 loaves were made from Matzah
If it is prohibited from eating Matzah Erev Pesach from dawn onwards, why do we need the reason of 10 lachmei Hameitz? Even Lachmei Matzah would be prohibited at an even earlier time?
Unless one says that the Lachmei Matzah will become permitted at night during the Seder.

Does anyone speak on this issue?



Levi Langer said...

There would not have been any issur to eat the matza loaves of the. Lachmei todah on erev pesach because they contain oil and are therefore
matza ashira. The issur on erev pesach only applies to matza with which one can fulfill the mitzva on pesach night and does not include matza. ashira (OC 471).

Levi Langer

Nishma said...


Good "Chop"

And thus any/all matzah menachos may eaten erev Pesach -so long as they are those m'nachot containng oil [iirc EG Minchat Sotah would not]

Yishar Kochecha