Wednesday, 16 March 2011

KSA 141:2,8 - Ta'anit Esther

Originally published 3/16/11, 8:57 pm.
We are told by the Kitzur SA in 141:2, as well as by other posqim, to be lenient regarding the fast of Ta'anit Esther.
In 141:8 we are also told to be strict and not to lein the Megillah early before Tzeit. Yet the Kitzur SA is lenient - IIRC al pi Magen Avraham - to allow a t'imah b'alma, for example, a cup of coffee - before the Laining if one is suffering.
What I find odd is that some posqim who are lenient regarding starting the fast at all, are also strict regarding breaking the fast before Laining Megillah. Seems ironic to me.


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