Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Air Brushed?

I just received an invitation from a Yeshiva that solicits funds from me from time to time, let's call it Yeshivat Sukkah.

Yeshivat Sukkah is honoring 3 People or 3 Couples

The Text has names like -

Rabbi Avraham and Mrs. Sarah Cohein

Mr. & Mrs. Yitzchak Levi

Mr. & Mrs. Yaakov Sh'lishi.

Photos accompany the names of the couples, but only the male "half" is depicted.

Historically speaking, when did this practice, honoring couples while omitting the females from the pictures, begin?

On a related topic

Photo Retouching:

File:Voroshilov, Molotov, Stalin, with Nikolai Yezhov.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia,_Molotov,_Stalin,_with_Nikolai_Yezhov.jpg

Compared with

File:The Commissar Vanishes 2.jpg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Yezhov is clearly visible to Stalin's left. The photo was later altered by censors.

Further information: Photo manipulation

Airbrushing has long been used to alter photographs in the pre-digital era. In skilled hands it can be used to help hide signs that an image has been extensively retouched or "doctored".

As a result of Stalin's purges, and later destalinization, many photographs of officials from the periods show extensive airbrushing; often entire human figures have been removed. The term "airbrushed out" has come to mean rewriting history to pretend that something was never there. In contemporary academic discourse, the process of removing components from an image is formally known as object removal.

Airbrush - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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