Monday, 18 November 2013

Caveat Emptor: Glatt Kosher

Beware: Glatt May Not Always Mean Kosher

Rabbi Moshe Heinemann, Star-K Rabbinic Administrator
«It can be reasonably stated that today's kosher consumer is caught up in a glatt kosher frenzy, and meat purveyors, suppliers, and manufacturers are the first to capitalize on this growing phenomenon.  The problem is that there is a marked shortage of true glatt kosher meat; sometimes only one in twenty animals will be truly glatt kosher.  Some have extended the glatt standard to include animals whose lungs have small, easily removable adhesions; others have reduced the glatt standard even more.  We must bear in mind that even if the meat is advertised as glatt, the kosher meat process does not end with the examination of the lungs.  There are many more steps that need to be taken before the meat reaches the homemaker's kitchen.»
Star-K Kosher Certification - Kosher Consumer

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