Sunday, 17 November 2013

Billy Graham: Supports G'zeirah against Yichud

Guest Blogger:
R Chaplain Doniel Kramer
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A friend reported to me that he just saw a report on CNN on the occasion  of Rev. Billy Graham's 95th birthday.
[I.E. November 7, 2013]. The anchor-woman recalled interviewing him and at one point asking him how he remained faithful to his wife and had never even been accused of impropriety.  She said he answered her that he never went into a room with a woman by himself.  That, even at one point, awkwardly included Hillary Clinton.  

He also reported that Billy Graham has said at times that he was familiar with the Jewish laws of seclusion and followed them to a T his entire life.


Sometimes outsiders can appreciate Torah Wisdom in a way that insiders take for granted.

Kol Tuv,

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