Thursday, 21 November 2013

Poll Results: Psak

Results of
New Poll: Psak

Which of the following best describes your personal sheetah as to how P'sak should be derived:

A. It should be a function of the Poseik; his gravitas, his community, etc. Because the Poseik accesses a Holy Intuition, therefore is totally subjective to his feelings on a given matter.
B. It should be a function of Halachic Consensus. [BE"H HC will be defined in a future post.]
C. It should be a function of the Bavli. The Bavli is THE last word on matters of Halachah. We follow it when it's explicit. When the Bavli is silent, then the Poseik has virtually unlimited latitude.
D. It should be a function of Tradition/M'sorah.

Your Responses (total 5)
Choice 1 - 20%  (1)
Choice 2 - 40%  (2)
Choice 3 - 20%  (1)
Choice 4 - 20%  (1)



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