Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Public Candle Lighting - Intro

The original construct for Hanukkah Candle Lighting is Ner Ish uVeito.

Out of this original construction have come various extrapolations. Some seem more rooted in the original paradigm than others.

EG if one has a mobile home, then it stands to reason to light near that "bayit". Maybe the same for a compartment on train or for a state room on a ship. However, one REALLY needs to stretch to light in a seat on a plane or bus. Where is the "Beito"?

Similarly, the halachah has "bent" to allow or require lighting in shul. There are a number of justifications which appear to be reasonable.

OTOH how can we justify the lighting with a B'rachah at City Hall? Where is the "Beito" there?

In order to address this modern phenomenon, we have several posts from contemporary scholars who have done some of the digging on our behalf.

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