Friday, 24 June 2011

The BIC Korach II:1, T'imat K'feila

Originally published 6/24/11, 3:23 pm.
A while back I had to disabuse my students of the popular - but highly oversimplified notion - that Ashkenazim ALWAYS follow Rema and that Sephardim ALWAYS follow the m'chabeir! In the real world, there is far more gray area ambiguity in these matters for simplified "slogans". Rather these rules of thumb are but defaults and are not absolutes.
Pursuant to the above -
The Ben Ish Chai Korach 2nd Year s'if 1 says that - despite that the M'chabeir in SA-YD 98 relies upon T'imat "Eino-Yehudi", and that the Minhag [in Baghdad anyway] follows the Rema to NOT allow for this and to use shishim only
Is this the common prevailing Minhag amongst S'phardim and Eidot Mizrach today to NOT rely upon T'imat K'feila?
Note - I was recently informed that this IS the case in some communities. Can anyone confirm one way or the other with further examples?


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