Monday, 6 June 2011

Results of Poll on: 5 Iyyar

Originally published 6/6/11, 5:26 pm.
In our last poll, we inquired:

New Poll: 5 Iyyar

We just either observed or ignored Yom Ha'atzma'ut

Which approach makes the most sense to you?

1. 5 Iyyar Is just another day. If Behab falls out on 5th of Iyyar, say sl"ichot and ignore the Zionistic holiday.
2. 5 Iyyar is an important date. But W/O a Sanhedrin the best we can do is to treat it like Lag B'omer - omit tachnanun, take haircuts etc.
3. 5 Iyyar is a modern Hanuukah or Purim. We should have a similar liturgy replete with Hallel
4. 5 Iyyar is a modern passover. We should promote it as a full-fledged Yom Tov.

There were no responses.


The question becomes: why did no one respond to this poll? I am not sure why but I am wondering how much has to do with the view of the other opinions. It just seems to me that, more and more, people are just refusing to even goreis the other opinion. It is even beyond strong disagreement. Its more an attitude of simple dismissal -- and this applies to all the opinions.

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Garnel Ironheart said...

I'm only interested in the Question of the Day, which you didn't have today I should mention.