Saturday, 18 June 2011

Mussar: Being Above Suspicion

Originally published 6/18/11, 9:55 pm.Link only good if you have a yahoo account.
Although Humrot at times can be excessive, it is prudent to avoid behaviour that would lead to unnecessary suspicion. Ramch"al in M'silat Y'sharim might term this middah as "Z'hirut"

A Merchant once taught me not to put the customer's large bill into the register right away
Rather, keep it on top;
Then make the change; and only then, after the customer is satisfied, put it into the register. This can avoid a dispute in a case when a customer hands you a $10.00 and claims to have given you a $20.00. By NOT depositing it right away, one is being PRO-active.
Be careful to be Zahir! ;-)


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