Sunday, 12 June 2011

Results of Poll on: Tikkun Leil Shavuot

In our last poll, we inquired:

New Poll: Tikkun Leil Shavuot

It has become customary to stay up all night Shavuot to learn
Torah especially in wake of the Sh'lah Hakodesh's story
about that famous "all-nighter" in Z'fat.  Here is a
survey of several possibilities, please feel free to
pick more than one

1. Staying Up all night is nice, but davening with
Kavvanah in the morning is even MORE important

2. Similarly it's better to go to bed on time and arise
early and learn before davening - even though that's
not the minhag

3. Staying up all night is a rite of passage for
youngsters. Adults should learn a bit and then get a
good night's sleep.

4  Since, it's Minhag Yisroel therefore everyone should
stay up all night learning unless they have a medical

5. One should stick to learning the Tikkun as
instituted by the Sh'lah Hakoseh himself. And only
when it's been completed may one learn other subjects

6. Echad hamarbeh v'echad hamam'it - uvilvad 
she'y'chavein et libbo lashamayim.  
What's your choice?

Your Responses (total - 7 respondents; 10 selections)
Respondents were allowed to mark more than one choice

Choice A - 29% (2) 20%
Choice B - 14% (1) 10%
Choice C - 43% (3) 30%
Choice D - 00% (0) 00%
Choice E - 00% (0) 00%
Choice F - 57% (4) 40%
Rabbi Hecht
I found it interesting that no one choose D or E which would clearly seem to imply that individuals considered there to be a greater value in the effect of this minhag versus the form. The form, though, at least in terms of staying up all night learning, was given value as a right of passage indicating that experiencing Tikkun Leil Shavuot has its place as a positive effect in a lifetime although not perhaps on a yearly basis.

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