Monday, 27 June 2011

naomi's question of the day - #25

"naomi's question of the day" is a new feature of the Nishmablog featuring a question for you to ponder, extend and/or respond to through your comments.


June 27, 2011

Do you think this life is designed to humble us? Are we born into arrogance and left for the rest of our time to come to know that being is not as great and accomplishment as the realization of what has come before it, time or defeat? Is there a pride that is pointed -- is there a lowliness that elevates us?


Mighty Garnel Ironheart said...

Sam: Hey Norm! How's life?
Norm: Beats me. And kicks me. And slaps me. And knocks me to the ground and leaves me for dead.

Nishma said...

Absolutely - Hashem is mashpil gei'I'm umagbiah sh'falim!