Monday, 20 June 2011

Spreading the Gospel

There are a number of Xtian Groups who feel the need to spread the "Good News". Gospel means good news

A friend of mine is a Talmid of the Rov R Yosef Dov Soloveichek [RYDS]. Once this talmid was preaching one of the Rov's Minhaggim. The Rov asked him "who told you to spread the Gospel"

Yet many of my friends and colleagues do that to me on an ongoing basis

R Avraham is trying to convince me that his Rebbe is the Melech haMoshiach

R Yitzchok tries to convert me to the Gospel of the Rambam. Viz. Only the Rambam knew Halachah and Mussar correctly.

R Yaakov tells me that the Halachah unconditionally follows the Mishnah Brurah

R Moshe tells me that S'phardim and S'phardic culture is great and that the Ashkenazim got it all wrong

R Aharon tells me that the Arizal encompasses all of Torah - so follow him

R David tells me the same about R AI Kook

R Sh'lomoh insists that R Nachman is the greatest thing since sliced bobka

What is going on?

Shloymie - Rabbi Wolpoe, WADR, you need a new set of friends

RRW: Suggestions?

Shloymie: EG there is a group publishing the collected works of RYDS - maybe join them?

RRW: Indeed!


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