Monday, 13 June 2011

Online OU Shiurim on Yoreh Dei'ah

From OU's R Avraham Gordimer - posted with permission
A few months ago, the OU began to electronically broadcast an ongoing series of Yoreh Deah shiurim for internal use. As a result of very positive feedback, it was decided to take these shiurim to the public and to make them public features on the OU websites.

These shiurim may be of interest to those wishing to review Yoreh Deah, and the ease of portable electronic download makes them of great appeal to those of us ''on the go".

Here is an explanatory message about the shiurim which I sent to the OU kosher rabbinic staff a while back, in case the program may be of interest to you:

As part of our ongoing professional development initiatives, b'chasdei Hashem, I am privileged to announce a new OURadio and OU Torah program program: Yoreh Deah Mini-Shiurim delivered by our own Rabbi Eli Gersten.

The mini-shiurim go through Yoreh Deah, starting with Hilchos Basar B'Chalav (siman 87), with each mini-shiur covering approximately one s'if. The presentation is clear, thorough, and is both simple and advanced enough to serve as excellent chazarah and furtherance of learning on various levels.

I am indebted to Rabbi Elefant for authorizing and encouraging this new project, to Rabbi Gersten for putting in so much time and effort to expertly prepare and present the shiurim, and to Dan Jeselsohn for his amazing work to get everything together, set up, on line, with great pleasantness and professionalism.

Dan has set this system up for podcast feed:

The Yoreh Deah shiur is now available as a podcast. You can subscribe using iTunes (free music and podcast management software available here or any other RSS Feed reader/podcast software. If you are using iTunes you can simply click on the iTunes logo below the podcast feature box at the top of the Yoreh Deah page ( and you'll be able to subscribe automatically.
You can also subscribe to the podcast feed manually in iTunes. To do so, in iTunes click on the "Advanced"menu in the top left hand side of your screen. Select "Subscribe to Podcast..." from the drop down menu. Then cut and paste this url- into the text box that appears and click on "OK". This will make all the shiurim appear in the podcast section of your iTunes. From the podcast section of your iTunes you can then download all the available shiurim by clicking on the arrow to the left of where it says "Yoreh Deah" and then selecting "Get All".
Additionally each shiur can be downloaded as an individual mp3. You can right click on any "'download mp3" link and select "save as..." from the drop down menu. Once you've saved the file to your computer you can burn a CD or drag it into whatever software or mp3 player you'd like.

Avrohom Gordimer

Yishar Kochecha R Gordimer and the OU for being Marbitz Torah


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