Friday, 24 June 2011

P. Korach Ki Chol Ho'eidah

Originally published 6/24/11, 10:11 am.
Korach to Moshe Rabbeinu -
"Kee Chol Ho'edah Kullam Q'doshim uvtocham Hashem - umadua titnass'u al Q'hal Hashem"?

Rabbi EX [REX] to G'dolim such as R Moshe -
"Kee Chol Yisroel Kullam M"lumadim uvtocham Torat Hashem - umadua titnass'u al Klal Yisrael"?

Could it be that the Yeshivishe devotion to "g'dolim" and the Hassidishe devotion to their respective Rebbes a device to prevent
"Bayamim haheim ein Melech b'yisroel - eesh hayyashar b'einav Yaashe"? [Last verse of Sefer Shoftim]
And that it is better to submit to some authority figure -even if imperfect as opposed to having anarchy.



Bob Miller said...

I think there is a concept that we need malchut among us on some level even before Mashiach. It's not as simple as avoiding anarchy; there are positives to this, too.

There is a questionable implication in this posting that those in the MO world do not need such devotion to their own high-level spiritual leaders.

Nishma said...

I think Bob Miller and I are essentially in agreement. That is: some authority - even flawed - is better than none at all

Perhaps the Modern Orthodox Authority looks different than a Rebbe or a Rosh Yeshivah, but in principle some objective Torah authority is better than anarchy or "ish kol hayashar b'einav..."