Tuesday, 18 June 2013

“A Sad Shabbos in New York State”

«... How did this tragedy/travesty in New York happen?  It's really rather simple.

No one likes to be on the outside looking in.  No one wants to live a lifestyle that society considers aberrant and sinful.  Therefore, it's not sufficient to live that lifestyle privately in the face of the rejection of others.  Rather, you must force society to endorse and celebrate your lifestyle and pretend that it is acceptable.

You must redefine standards of morality and call a sin an "alternate lifestyle."  You must redefine words, such as the one that used to mean "happy." (There should be no gaiety in undermining G-d's will.)

That is why politicians march in parades ...»
CHUKAS (Numbers, 19:1-22:1) — "A Sad Shabbos in New York State" | Torah Talk
- R Y Seplowitz

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