Friday, 21 June 2013

Rema O"Ch 90:18, Hachamim Hizaharu b'Ma'aseichem

Rema O"Ch 90:18 says that someone who has the status of "Torato umnasso" should not regularly learn in the Beit Midrash at the expense of going to Minyan lest "shelo yim'mdu Ammei ho'oretz memenu v'yitbatteil mibbeit Haknesset"

Thus the Rema feels that people might learn the wrong lesson from a Talmid Hacham. But why not give the Talmid Hacham the Benefit of the Doubt?

The Mishnah B'rurah answers: #57 "kee lo y'denoohoo lchaf z'chut litlot b'torato"

Thus we see
1. A Talmid Hacham is held to a Higher Standard
2. He needs to be aware lest others emulate his shortcomings, EVEN when technically permitted to do so.

Shalom, RRW

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