Thursday, 6 June 2013

Hareidism vs. Centrism I

Which ideologies separate the Hareidi Hashkafah from the more Modern or Centrist Orthodox Hashkafah?

1. Autonomy

Hareidim think that authority trumps autonomy. Forcing people to comply is OK, and koffin oto ad she'omeir Rotzeh Ani is normative.

Centrists see a more autonomous nature as ideal. Authoritarianism is dangerous. Power tends to corrupt.

This might parallel the same issues that divided the Roman Catholics from the Protestants.

This is lav davka black and white, just a trend in thinking.

More Later BE"H

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Anonymous said...

One only has to look at the blog on zootorah to get an idea of some of the anti-chareidi stance regarding this subject. I can't help feeling that too much energy is spent pointing out differences between various groups rather than finding points in common. I don't see anyone proposing real and lasting solutions, if indeed a solution is needed.

Moshe Averick said...

Very strange approach to this issue. does not seem coherent or compelling to me at all.

-Moshe Averick