Thursday, 27 June 2013

Egotism and Divisiveness in Orthodoxy.

It's sad to post on these topics. I wish that every faction would take more mature and "menschlich" posture.

«A rabbinic group criticizes those who are pained by the sight of women cloaked in male garb, mocking prayer at the holiest place in the world, without condemning the blasphemers. The same group scoffs at those who fear the Israeli government's war on religion and religious people, yet offers nary a word about what the government has done and is doing to negate the role of Torah and halacha in the Jewish state. They do precious little to stem the growing flood of unorthodoxy emanating from their circle.
Jewish politicians in Israel, schooled in public relations and armed with glib slogans and code words, have set into motion changes that they hope will destroy the Torahway of life in their country.»

 My reaction? This is what it reminds me of:
«What are you fighting about? What's your goal when you call each other names? Is it worth trashing your children's harmony? Can you even remember what was so important last week that you were willing to trample over your children? What "victory" were you looking for? Is it worth it? Do you think your kids think it's worth it?»
Dr. - Advice - Stop Fighting In Front of the Kids

Orthodoxy is seemingly eating itself up and beginning to implode over a battle of egos. 
Torah - Mah T'hee Aleha?

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