Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Is Sefer Iyyov a Model of Paradise Lost, Paradise Regained?

Originally published 8/17/11, 11:07 am.

During the past Nine Days, I've been casually going through Sefer Iyyov. I realize that this is a very profound work, and that much remains to be done to fully appreciate this masterpiece.
That said, on a really simple, structural level,  a pattern emerges.
Namely, Iyyov's life starts out wonderful, the middle is filled with pain, angst, and suffering; but finally his previous, prosperous life is restored to something even better than before.

Does not this structure resemble the pattern of
1 Paradise [Gan Eden]
2 Paradise Lost [Geirush]
3 Paradise Regained? [Moshi'ach or Hashivenu?]


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