Saturday, 13 August 2011

Mussar: A Simple Holocaust explanation al pi nistar

Originally published 8/13/11, 9:46 pm.
I served at a K'heillah of Holocaust survivors, mostly from Germany and Austria
The pain and suffering of survivors is too much for words to describe, kol shekein for the victims...

In my feeble attempt to soften the blow - I drew from Jewish Spirituality; saying the Nazis YSv"Z could kill ONLY the body, but the soul is "eternal". The body is like an overcoat, removed painfully from the person, but that "person" walks away.

Baruch shekivanti. In Chaim Vital's Shaarei K'dusha - 1:1 at the beginning - he calls the Guf a L'vush that is removed at death.... Ayein Sham

Notwithstanding this beautiful insight, I do not wish to minimize the pain and suffering of the victims. It was fully ugly! Rather, I wish people to take a Nechamah that nothing suffered PERMANENT damage. L'mashal a House that burns down is a tragedy, but it does no permanent harm

Billa mavet lo'netzach...


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