Sunday, 28 August 2011

K'var Ne'emar l'Mosheh miSinai

A Peirush on R Hannaya Ben Akashya Omeir quotes a Y'rushalmi Pei'ah 2:6

«Afilu mah shetalmid vatiq atid l'horot lifnei rabbo - K'var Ne'emar l'Mosheh miSinai»

What's P'shat - "K'var Ne'emar l'Mosheh miSinai"?

Is it literal? [B'foal] Namely that Mosheh Rabbenu at Sinai literally heard every Hora'ah in history?


Is it Potential? [B'choach] that Mosheh Rabbenu at Sinai heard a system that potentiated every future hora'ah in history?


Is it something else entirely?


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micha said...

When Moshe Rabbeinu visited R' Aqiva's shiur, why didn't he know the content? Why did R' Aqiva say the halakhos were given to Moshe?

I think Rashi says that Moshe returned to his own time and then was eventually taught what R' Aqiva taught. But most rishonim would answer that R' Aqiva was crediting the process that Moshe received.