Monday, 22 August 2011

Torah T'mimah D'varim 1:13,15- Why Were No N'vonimAppointed? - 2

The point of departure between the TT's approach and mine is simply this -

The TT's premise is that any Navon [must have] had all the rest of the middot, too.
I'm questioning that way of thinking and saying "lav davka"
One can be a navon and still be lacking other traits

EG In baseball.
Just because a guy hits for average does not prove he hits for power; or vice versa!

Re: Shoftim
Just because X is a lamdan does not mean he's upright
And Vice Versa
Just because Y is upright does not mean he's a lamdan

Therefore the failure to appoint N'vonim does not PROVE that none existed, rather it may be that they DID exist but none of them otherwise qualified.


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