Saturday, 27 August 2011

Mussar: Private Vs. Public Hochachah

One upon a time we had a discussion on a list about attacking public pronouncements. Here is a story that illustrates that.

Abie: Anything said in a public way is fair game for criticism

Izzie: That's doesn't seem so menschlich. Maybe it's better to ask them to clarify privately first

Abie: that's so unnecessary, and a waste of time

Izzie: I see what you mean but I still think it's darchei shalom to try to prevent embarassment

Later that day

Sara [Abie's wife to a crowd] can you believe these guys they're mamash apikorsim bla bla bla

Becky [Izzy's wife]: what do you mean?

Sarah: did you see what so-and-so said

Becky: I don't think you're facts are correct

Abie intervening: Sarah dear, my I have a private word with you? ...

Izzy: what did you say?

Abie: I quietly corrected her facts and then was ready to read her the riot act, but I let it go and asked her to clarify what she said.

Izzy: Well since Sarah spoke to a crowd why didn't you ream her out in public?

Abie: what are you meshuggeneh? I can't afford a divorce?

Izzy: hmmm there must be some Mussar here somewhere. :-)


RRW: Hameivin yavin
Shalom, RRW

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